Utterly Me Magazine Vol.3

Rp 289.000

Utterly Me Magazine is a triannual beauty journal dedicated to all women who appreciate their natural beauty. The beauty enthusiasts behind the Magazine believes that makeup is intended as tools to enhance beauty rather than to cover a woman's face and the imperfections that she has rather than to hide herself and become someone else. And this is why this journal is written: we want to motivate and further encourage every woman out there to see and wear makeup to accentuate and appreciate the beauty that she has within.

UTTERLY ME MAGAZINE Vol. 3: “Camouflage”

In this issue, we're focusing the lens of a woman's role in her every day life, taking the time to really think about what it is that makes us camouflage.

196 pages of 20 x 24cm printed on Tamaco 80gsm and perfect bound, in Soft Cover Mohawk Eggshell 270gsm Laminated. Printed in color and bound in Indonesia.

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