The Sounds of Dream

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In that dream they came like shadows, voices, songs, light and gasp, they were so close even closer than the clothes I wore. I felt like I was back to the beginning where I was walking alone in the middle of a crowd and felt cold in the middle of the blazing heat. Those dreams were so real and so clear that it made me constantly think about them.

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Muhammad Hidayat (b. 1982) lives in Aceh.Indonesia where he works as a finance section staff for a government sector, He began to pursue photography seriously in 2015 and is currently focused on fine art and expressionism photography. His photographs are very personal Lifting the story from his life experience. For him, photography is not just pressing the shutter button, but a means for pouring out one’s feelings and imagination as well.

Some photographs that have been published in photography website
1. Published on National Georaphics photo of the day and choosen by daily dozen
2. httpliagandayat.fineart-po rtug acorn/
3. Nominated on Black and White Competition
4. FINE EYE MAGAZINE — Desember Issue 2016
5. Full Featured on Street Photography Magazine
6. Full review Pictures FINE EYE MAGAZINE
9. http :// ivat ephot °review. com/2017/05/am azi ng- ra pai -dance/
10. Nominated world street photography book 4 years 2017


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