Kathā by Sap & Tess

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A dream about a piece of paradise that was once a wishful adventure has finally been paid off. The sound of car horns, dust from the street, brick walled building blended into one. Forming a background for women clad in saris and men in their modest coat with traditional dhaka hat over their heads. The scent of incense filled the air and the prayer flags waving blue, white, red, green, and yellow seemed to be conveying our prayer along with others. Kathmandu has welcomed us and we answered with excitement.

This unforgettable thirty days trip began with a simple curiosity. What it would be like to enjoy the reputedly full of mantra Nepali new- year festival, Bisket Jatra, in Bhaktapur, and to delve into adventure in Annapurna Circuit. This unusual journey felt more meaningful when a coffee shop in Lalitpur agreed to showcase our photographs about Indonesia.

Nature speaks with its own language. An earthquake measuring 7.9 Richter that became a part of our memories,happened right when we were at an altitude of 4880 meters above sea level. In a post before we head to Thorung La Pass, 5416 meters closer to the sun. At that time, the temperature had reached the low point of minus 10 degrees Celsius and frozen our analog cameras over.

Our initial reason to visit the land of Himalayas is to be amazed by the natural beauty, absorbed by the culture, and to seek for adventure. However, friendship, romance, and mysticism of Nepal had captivated us and our thirty day trip no longer feels enough. We have to come back. Here is our story, told through photographs captured during the trip by films, through the lens, from the light of Nepal.

Sap & Tess

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This book chronicles our journey through Nepal with analog cameras wandering through the gargantuan Himalayas for 30 days.

Printed by Retrospective Journal in the following details:

  • Size 14cm x 21cm
  • 52 Pages
  • Soft Cover
  • Cover Mohawk Egg Shell 270 Laminated
  • Content Tamaco Paper 80gr
  • Perfect Bound



Sapta Hudaya & Tessi Ananditya

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