Eight to Four By Ndymoto

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With a new experience, comes a whole new perspective, #ndymotocommuting is a personal photography project of recording my new circadian routines of train commuting in Jakarta.
It is such a unique, exciting, and thrilling experience to be able to recognize the beauty of objects that I have never thought before amongst the commonalities of life in a train station. Thus this visual diary “Eight to Four” is presented to you as a collection of still soulful moments in the routine clockwork life.

Fendy (@ndymoto)

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This visual diary entails 100 photos from the #ndymotocommuting project that have never been uploaded anywhere.
Printed by Retrospective Journal in the following details:

  • Size 14cm x 21cm
  • 104 Pages
  • Soft Cover
  • Cover Mohawk Egg Shell 270 Laminated
  • Content Tamaco Paper 80gr
  • Perfect Bound


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