Banality in Monochrome

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This book is is a collection of street photography in black and white. Most of the pictures in this book were taken in the Riau Islands and several locations in Central Java. In many ways, this book tells a story of everyday life interactions of human and their environment and also with each other, a definition of a social being. With a documentary approach, may these photos represent an urban way of life with the rhythm of each individuals living their banal, routine life.

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Printed with exquisite quality by Retrospective Journal
Cover Mohawk Eggshell 270gsm Laminated
Paper Publishing 200gsm
Printed using HP Indigo 5600

Author: Joko Nuswantoro
Born in Semarang, he first brushed with photography in 1991 with an analog camera and then switched to DSLR in 2004.
Many photography achievements he has received such as Medalist of Salon Foto Indonesia, AFIAP certified from Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique, France, and also PSA** (2 stars) from Photographic Society of America, as well as winning numerous local and international competitions, judging for local photography competitions, talking at numeous Street Photography workshops, and actively holding photo exhibition in the Riau Islands.

Dimensions 30 x 21 x 1 cm


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