With the exponential growth of smartphone has ushered a new digital age of photography when more pictures than ever are taken and uploaded daily. With this new wave, people often forget what the true essence of photography is. Its presence in virtual gallery is a mirage, only visible from afar as social achievement of uploads, likes, tags, but after people stopped commenting, it will just vanish in the social media servers. This thought forces us to ponder how we best preserve our precious memories.
Retrospective Journal
starts with this commitment to provide people who enjoy photography with artisan level quality of prints, albums, photo books for varying range of uses both personal and professional.
We deeply believe that although we live in a digital age, printed photographs are still the best way to enjoy our precious memories. A concrete object will naturally appeal better to us human, who are equipped with senses of sight, touch, and also feeling. Digital media are not reliable. They constantly change and are dependent upon a system of which reliability is only as good as the next error. They are built on a system that is keep being outdated by innovation, like how CD was replaced by DVD, and then replaced again with Blu-Ray, and no doubt would be replaced again soon.
Printed photographs are time-machines that instantly bring us back to that sense of nostalgia, and the wonderful timeless moments in imagery; these are our main drive in establishing this contemporary printing company.
Quarterbacked by young and passionate professionals in artisanal craftsmanship, we strive to be the bridge between the past and the future. Photography is an immortal art which has been there for centuries and will surely persist in human history. By combining it with the advancement of modern technology of cloud-programming, actualizing your snapshots into a world-class photo book has never been easier.

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